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R18 - The Ultimate Tune

After extensive research into the R18, we are ready to offer R18 users a complete tune for all users that require a custom tune for their setup. The is the tune for both the 8thGen and the 9thGen R18. We create a custom map using proven values based on experience, and then revise them for optimal performance. Improve the performance and fuel economy of your R18.  Minimum of 7 revisions included.
Detailed list of items:

  • Ignition adjusted for setup as required
  • Custom R18 MAF Calibration for greater mileage and performance
  • Throttle Table adjusted to uncover the engines true feel
  • Lambda fueling tables adjusted to smooth Injector Pulse Width changes
  • VTC High cam adjusted as per tune targets (Performance, Race)
  • Increased fuel economy through WB02 calibration and VTC tuning
  • Option to upgrade to Forced Induction tuning (see below)
  • A complete tune, everything you need to get the R18 running even better at part and WOT!
Price: $279.00
Price: $179.00

Please choose which tuning product you currently own. This will help us select the tuner with the most experience with your product.