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EFI Tuning Objectives: Course Fee Only

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Everthing you need to know to tune both Naturally Aspirated (NA) and Turbo/Super Charged vehicles. Fueling, Ignition, VTC, Cam Angles, Spark plug gapping, its all here. The course will cover the theory and application of engine tuning as well as the main project which is creating a tune from scratch for a particular setup on the software of your choice, creating a tune for a project like your own vehicle, in effect allowing you to create your own Ultimate Tune. The tune will be reviewed professionally step by step to ensure student learning and tune quality. This will help foster understanding of the tuning process and in the end increase the skill level of tuners in the community. This course will cover overall tuning theory and goals while being geared towards modern EFI, Cam Angle, Direction etc. specific technology. Commonly used hardware and software for Honda vehicles and others will be covered.
Course Details:

  • (S1) Basic tuning styles and table functions, HP and TQ.
  • (S1) Sensor functions and requirements for tuning.
  • (S2) Differences between AFM / MAP. Tuning Tables (Cam Angle, Fueling and Ignition).
  • (S3) AFM Tuning techniques.
  • (S4) MAP Tuning techniques
  • (S5) Hybrid AFM/MAP Tuning.
  • (S5) Vtec Tuning, Indexing, and Cross Over points, and ideal measurements.
  • (S6) Ignition Tuning, KIL Tables, Sensitivity, and the Virtual Dyno.
  • (S6) Common modifications effects on tuning.
  • (S7) NA Tuning and Boosted Tuning
  • (S7) Project finalization and custom work
  • (S8) Project review - map graded results.

The cost is $649 USD and it will run in June on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:15 to 8:15pm CST. It will be delivered online, with live instruction. As per last time a limited number of seats are available and tend to fill up quickly, upon checkout potential students will be sent a preliminary test to help prepare for course content. The course will be delivered with Blackboard Collaborate and Teamviewer with the first session starting on June 2nd 2016 at 7:00pm CST going to 8:15pm CST. Additional information to follow after checkout.
This product ID is for users that have already registered here. It is the course fees of $499.50 only. All applicants much register here first. This splits the course into two payments at the request of many of our users.

Price: $749.00
Price: $399.00