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Flex Fuel Tuning Add-On

This tuning add-on is for users want to add ethanol input into their ECU and want a flexible fuel tune that can vary from 0% ethanol to 100% ethanol (although typically 85%). We would tune the car on both ethanol fuels. This means, at minimum (typically 10%) and at maximum (typically 85%), and then have the car self regulate for everything in between. This tune adjusts the Ethanol Content tables and Flex Fuel Tables as well as the associated Ignition tables typically used in High Ethanol applications.
This tune package assumes your fuel system already has the appropriate injectors to run E85 installed, and is just for tuning the Flex fuel tables. If you need to install the injectors as well, you are after the Advanced Retune so we can get that sorted first. 
If your car does not have ethanol input, but your looking for a 2nd map to run ONLY E85 or similar fuel on your exist setup (and your injectors are capable of supporting 30% additional flow), this is still the tune for you, but we will have to provide you with 2 different maps, one for E10 and the other for E85 (or instread for the proven ~E40 mix if your running a 2016+ L15B Turbo).

  • Tuning of Fuel and Ignition for both extremes of ethanol content.
  • Tuning of the rate of appliciation with ethanol sensor input.
  • Revision of knock tables for increased ethanol content.
  • Tuning of all AFR targets and Lambda variations for different fuels.
Price: $99.00
Price: $59.00