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Customized Base Map Request

This is a request for a basemap only for your exact setup. This allows customers to benefit from the 1000's of tunes E-tunez has created over the years at a significantly reduced price. You get all that experience and customization, and all those fixes for those modification specific issues (like motor mount knock, injector cold starting problems, throttle body calibration) without having to put in the hours of troubleshooting yourself. There is only 1 revision included with this option, so this is for the DIY tuner who wants a better starting point then a global basemap and is comfortable tuning the remainder of the details to their liking. Many Etunez basemaps have already been tuned by us on the dyno with a similar setup to yours (we can't say all as it depends on your setup). Its important to note that there is no such things a "one basemap fits all", which is why we don't offer a direct instant download for any map. There are no quick fixes when it comes to tuning, but with a customized basemap, and a free revision to look it over at a time of your choosing, we can help start you well on your way to making it perfect. This is the perfect option if you want to make your own adjustments. An Etunez basemap includes:
Detailed list of items:

  • Custom cam angles high and low
  • Optimized cam angle shift patterns for quicker shifts.
  • Custom ignition tables for all degrees
  • Custom VE (fueling) tables for WOT and PT, typically much closer (5%) then a traditional basemap.
  • Throttle Table revision for larger TB’s
  • Custom VTC Point for modifications and map type (race/performance).
  • Correct VTC windows and pressures for FI and NA tunes.
  • Custom cold/warm start fueling for injectors and modifications.
  • Custom IAT compensation developed with our experience with world wide weather extremes (-40F/C to 120F/50C) setup for location and tune type (SD/AFM/Hybrid)
  • Custom Sport/Econo TC Ratio boost argets / settings for factory turbos as per user request.
  • ONE FREE REVISION (to make sure its running reasonably and correct and issues).

You will need to email us the following details:

  • Vehicle year and mileage
  • Vehicle modification list
  • Fuel Octane (and ethanol % if known)
  • Tune style desired (race/performance
  • Location and elevation
  • Injector latency specifications if non-stock. (RDX excluded.)
  • Desired boost levels for factory turbos (Race or Performance Daily Driver Levels)

Basemap are typically supplied the same day as requested as long as ordered on a business day before 3pm.

Price: $159.00
Price: $99.00

Please choose which tuning product you currently own. This will help us select the tuner with the most experience with your product.