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Cam Angle Mapping (Low/High)

Recommended for aftermarket camshafts, in addition to current purchase includes a start from scratch analysis of your Low and High Cam Angles and how they are affecting your performance.  Normally during tuning we will start near the ideals and tweak them as required, tuning only the values in use. Using this method we will custom tune EVERY section of the cam angle map and then pick the ones that measure the most airflow. In order to use this method every cam angle must be fully tuned. This is workload intensive on our end as many revisions will be sent running different cam angles degrees and measuring flow/injector pulse width vs. AFR analysis to determine your ideal cam angles in your location/elevation. The end result is extremely accurate Cam Angle Map tuned for your specific combination of parts, we use a very unique and detailed air flow measurement method to calculate your cam angle ideals that is not available anywhere else (to our knowledge).

  • All Cam Angles tables from 0-15-30-40-50 for the LOW Cam 
  • All Cam Angles tables from 0-15-30-40-50 for the HIGH Cam
  • Includes Flow Mapping for each Cam Angle Table
  • Includes Fuel Matching and Cam Angle Table transfer points
Price: $199.00
Price: $99.00