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Datalog Analysis

Includes datalog review and (error checking) of all ECU parameters this includes STFT, Wide Open Throttle, Part Throttle, Cam angles Low/High and Ignition tuning analysis. 

Detailed List of Revised/Analysed items:

  • Cam Angles Low / High
  • Ignition Tables for all degrees
  • VE Tables analysis (WOT - MAP/SD) or MAF Cal Analysis (AFM)
  • Throttle Table analysis for larger TB’s
  • VTC Point is checked as well as Flow/Performance
  • VTC Window + Pressure
  • WOT fueling and knock check.
  • Limiter Tables checked for errors and safety margins
  • Cold Start fueling and IAT/ECT compensation analysed
  • Overview of potential errors or engine codes if present
  • Part Throttle and FI tuning will be reviewed as well

To take advantage of this service email us your current map and a 30 minute datalog, including some WOT 3rd gear pulls to with subject Datalog Analysis.