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I will update this as I go.  There is nothing on here that is recent, so just in case new people are interested and want to read about someone elses experience I will note everything.
11/21/2011 - Received my FlashPro and immediately configured for my FG2 and the parts installed.  Prgrammed my ECU with the basic MAP and felt a new car around me.  Shifting is smoother, not butter, but smoother.  All of the other settings (VTEC, Rev limit, Speed Limiter, etc.) all changed. 
11/22/2011 - Received Email from Steve after one day saying he will be getting my first configuration to me shortly.  That was at 7pm.  As soon as I received the email notification, I uploaded it to my FlashPro and then reprogrammed my ECU.  Did not drive it until the morning.
11/23/2011 - Already another change felt in the way it drives and shifts.  Driving on a flat surface feels like the engine is running smoother and shifting is easier.  Not the physical act of shifting, but the transition from gear to gear.  I will be datalogging tomorrow and then send it in as soon as that is complete.  As you can see from the date, it is Thanksgiving, so I do not expect to hear back from Steve during the Holidays.  So far Steve has impressed me with his quickness and the fact he was working at 7pm.
11/25/2011 - On my drive back home from visiting family, I decided this was the time to get in my 30+ minute drive and a 3rd gear pull.  Warmed up my car as I said my goodbyes and blasted out.  Started of with the pull and it felt a little quicker than normal.  Red Lined it and dropped it into neutral and let it coast.  Once on the highway, shifting was nice.  I had to get used to the new feel, so I think the choppiness I was feeling was from me having to get used to the rev hang being gone.  At higher speeds (60-80) 6th gear seemed to require a little more throttle to maintain or accelerate to go around someone.  I am not the one to always downgear just to pass someone.  Got home and turned in the log that night.
11/27/2011 - Sunday and Steve surprises me again with a new config.  Immediately I throw it in and warm up the car.  I go for a drive in a hilly spot, so I can feel how 6th gear handles the ups and downs and how the engine feels and sounds.  Still feel the throttle needing more to maintain or accelerate.  1-3 is quick.  After doing a couple of 3rd pulls, I decide to get brave and launch it from a stand still and go through all 3 gears.  Very smooth and a lot quicker than stock settings.  Transitioning was simple and felt like it was easy for the car to handle.  Downgearing is easier now.  I was data logging the whole time, so I sent that in. 
11/28/2011 - 31 MPG!  After all the WOT I have been doing I filled up this morning and and put 10.7 gallons in my tank.  328 miles on the trip.  328/10.7=30.6.  I have never seen anything more than 29.5.  I am impressed.  I just got a new revision today and Steve says he adjusted to get me even more economy.  Imagine what I can do if I just take it easy for one full tank.  I will be doing a couple for pulls, then I will test out the economy.
12/21/2011 - Finally got around to getting a new log after all the holiday hussle.  Car still feels great, and I can tell a huge difference when the car is warm and the weather is cold.  Texas gets cold kind of late.  My fuel gauge did bounce a round a little, but eventually did quit.  I tried driving like a granny to see if I could really get some high numbers on the economy, and it did not work.  Right after the reflash, the gauge was bouncing all over, I can only guess something else got a funny read when I fueled up on 11/28 to get that 31 MPGs.  I have only seen about 29 since.  Really with all the improvements, I am good with a little loss in economy.  Steve is still working on it though.  Got my 4th calibration today and hopefully I will get around to installing this weekend.

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Thanks for doing this for everyone! Very complete :)