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who is best to tune my supercharged Accord Euro (tsx)

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Hi guys n gals,
I have a fairly heavily modified 2005 Honda Accord Euro CL9 (known as TSX in USA), and i am not convinced that my current tune is giving me the power i was expecting. Idle is rough, and also the smell of raw fuel and black carbon build up from my exhaust tips makes me suspect. 
List of mods:
CT stage 2 supercharger
Stage 2 merc racing after cooler
VTC upgrade
Walbo 255 fuel pump
550cc injectors
Injen CIA
3" Race exhaust (J-Tune)
Full race headers (J-Tune)
Hondata Kpro. 
My current tune is not locked, and i have the file available. 
Please advise which of your tuners would be best to tune my car, and unlock the power that is waiting.
thanks in advance! 

E-Tunez Tuner
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Hi Charlie, 
We can analyse your current tune for free and then take it from there to see what needs to be done. I sent you an email Smile

Joined: 05/20/2012
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Thanks or the reply Steve, I will get some data logs done tonight. How long do you want the logs.
Also, with my current tune, looking at the cam angle tables, I've only got upto 20 degrees. Will you guys do a complete map from scratch, or do you require a copy of my tune?