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Should I be concerned about the knock cout?

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I just flashed my 08 MT TSX with Vitviper's Comptech Icebox, HFC, TBS tune founded on flashpro tuning website. the current mods I have is a fujita CAI, and skunk2 catbIack. I got a knock count of 59 during a 30 min drive with 4 WOT runs. Most of the knocks didn't happen during the WOT but regular driving below 4k.  Anyway I can attach a data log? Thanks

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Its sad that none of these questions I am seeing are answered. Sorry lancer3d I dont know and I would hate to give out false informtation.

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I have had similar knock counts and it looks like the most knocks are on cyl 2(for me). From what I have researched this is where our knock sensor is(on the Civic SI's) so sometimes you may get "ghost knocks" from cyl 2. I have also read that sometimes rough bumps in the road or even you raidator fan kicking on and off can sometimes be sensed as a knock because these sensors are very sensative. I had my datalog checked over by Steve and from what I gathered it is not a huge problem. Steve is now in the process of tuning my car and he said he would take care of it. My recomendation would be (if you have not already done so) is have your datalog analyzed, they do it for free which is really awesome.  Than if you can have one of the guys professionally tune your vehicle and im sure they will be able to get you straightened out. But it is a bummer when you think your car is running great and you have a blast doing your datalog and than come home and see a bunch of knocks.  I am far from an expert when it comes to tuning so please feel free to correct me if I have given any false information. Hope this helps.