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Is E-tunez tuning safe?

The short answer is yes. E-tuning does not affect critical safety parameters in the ECU such as braking, ABS, Steering response or the immobilizer systyem. The car will turn, brake,  engage ABS and "immobilize" the same as it always has, as those are separate modules and systems. If your car was equipped with traction control, again these add-on modules are unaltered physically/digitally and the reference software in the ECU is untouched by E-tunez as well.

Rather E-tuning looks at defined performance related tables in the ECU designed to increase efficiency and performance. These tables are primarily used for fueling, ignition advance and cam angles. Primarily E-tuning is a performance modification designed to make the engine operate more efficiently and flow better. This results in better performance and mileage.

Outside of the realm of performance tuning, there are safety parameters inherent in the ECU itself and in the tuning software. For example the ECU can not target leaner then a 14.7 Air Fuel Ratio which is the best ratio for emissions. Also the drive by wire throttle tables used in the ECU undergo error checking in the tuning software to ensure that throttle plate is closed when the throttle is lifted. Neither does E-tunez alter these values from factory maps, but in the event that you modify them yourself through your personal tuning software you have peace of mind knowing that safety components (error checking and zeroing on up throttle conditions) inside the software keep the car behaving as it should, even in the event of an error.